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Panel object. First steps

In this video we will see how to design and implement web and mobile device screens, which will be used by the agency's clients to consult information, which constitutes the customer-facing part of the application. The Panel object will be used, with a different programming model, generating the web application in Angular and mobile in Android. (VIDEO OF THE CORE COURSE)



They will allow you to better understand the topic being discussed, but they are not absolutely necessary. If you have the time, you should watch them.
Total length of videos: 13h

In this video, a panel object named Attractions_CFPanel is developed that allows viewing the agency's attractions, filtered by country and a range of attraction names. At minute 18, in order to comply with the Travel Agency's requirements of viewing detailed information for each attraction, the AttractionDetail_CFPanel object is shown. As mentioned in the video, it is not built step by step to save time. 

You can import the xpz file found here to obtain the object already created and also the attributes added to a second level of the attraction transaction containing the information of the attraction’s detail.

In the data provider that loads data from Attractions, this second level is initialized with data from the Louvre museum, such as its exhibitions and a map with the museum's location.

To be able to generate the examples in Angular, you must previously follow the steps indicated in the following link:

And to run the mobile application on Android, you must install the software indicated in this link:


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To expand and deepen your knowledge of GeneXus’ logic in order to achieve an optimal mastery and use of the platform for building digital applications of any complexity, with minimum effort.

Acquire the knowledge provided through the videos classified as “Essential” in the GeneXus Core Course. 

About the Course’s content
The Theory lesson consists of: 
• videos made especially for this Course 
• videos of the GeneXus Core Course, which were Suggested or Optional in that course. 
• videos we suggest that you watch in case you’re interested and have the time to do it. 

The videos are meant not only to be watched as part of the course, but also independently, and that’s the reason why they don’t necessarily start based on the KB from the previous video. 

On the other hand, the practice lesson (which you will find in the “Materials” section) is necessarily based on one single reality and KB.

Duration of the videos 
• Essential: 9 hours
• Suggested: 4 hours 

Recommended Methodology
For each video, we suggest that you:

   1. Watch it and then try to do the same in your Trial version of GeneXus. 
To make this easier, some videos include an xpz. 
   2. Watch it again, as many times as necessary, until you feel confident that you have comprehended the more significant concepts. 
Making a list to identify such concepts after watching the video might prove useful.
   3. Identify, in the wording of the practice lesson, the exercises or questions that correspond to the video in order to try to solve them.  

Important:  if you don’t have the time to do both practice exercises (replicate what you saw on the video + the corresponding exercises included in the Practice section), then prioritize the second part, that is, the Practice section of the Course. It is a requirement that you do all those exercises related to the essential subjects.  

Course acquisition
If you decide to purchase the Course, you will be doing it within a learning platform  (LMS), where, in addition to the exam, you will also have available: the support of trainers, a forum to present your doubts, and self-assessment questions by topic.  

Exam and Certification
The exam consists of multiple choice or True/False questions and exercises referred to the subjects indicated as Essential. 

When you pass the exam, if you are a certified “GeneXus Junior Analyst”, these two conditions will automatically grant you the “GeneXus Analyst” certification.

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  • Practice (PDF): this file contains the exercises and/or questions that correspond to each video.
  • Images and xpz: contains images and the xpz you will need to use for the Practice section.

Bonus Material

To be able to do the course well, including the Practice exercises, download the Trial version of GeneXus.
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