Version:GeneXus 18

GeneXus for Angular course

Course Introduction

This video will allow us to know the objective of this course, who it is aimed at, what skills will be obtained at the end of it, its agenda and work methodology.

Total length of videos: 5.5h


This theoretical-practical course teaches you everything you need to know in a short time to learn how to develop an application in Angular, the most widely used JavaScript framework in the world, using GeneXus, without having to have knowledge of Angular.
While you learn, you will build a Web application for a Travel Agency from scratch that will help you gradually incorporate the concepts of how to use GeneXus to build an Angular application from scratch.

You will see that some of the videos were made with version 17 of GeneXus, but don't worry: you will be able to reproduce everything in the same way in GeneXus 18, with the difference that when you run you will see your screens under the Unanimo design (based on the blue color) instead of Carmine's design (based on the color red).

Previous requirements
Have the knowledge provided in the GeneXus Core Course.

Course objective
Learn in a short time how to develop a web application in Angular with GeneXus, without having to have knowledge of Angular.

Who is it for?
To people who have basic knowledge of GeneXus and want to develop Angular applications, without needing to have knowledge of Angular.

Skills you will gain by the end of the course
Develop Angular applications end-to-end (front-end and back-end) and deploy them locally or in the cloud.
Understand the architecture of an Angular application and what GeneXus generates, to integrate Angular developers who wish to continue the application in their framework.

Modalities: You can choose between the face-to-face course (for which we recommend you contact our academic partners in your country) or the self-study course.

Approximate video duration: 5.5 hours (approx)

In this Wiki page you will find the prerequisites to install the development environment, to prototype the application in Angular locally. The procedure to do it is detailed in the video VIDEO: 3 - First steps with Angular.


In the following link you can obtain the XPZ file to import the back-office of the Travel Agency, which already includes the images and data providers for automatic data loading.
You will also find the gxsketch extension file used to import the design from the Sketch tool,and another XPZ file that has all the objects needed to work with maps.

Bonus Material

To be able to do the course well, including the Practice exercises, download the Trial version of GeneXus.
GeneXus Trial     Guide: ”Installation and first run of GeneXus Trial”