Save the date: we'll be presenting the future of Enterprise Low-Code Development: GeneXus 17.

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  • GeneXus 17 Core course

    Through the development of an application, we will teach you the basics of GeneXus needed to move on to more advanced and specific courses (Mobile, BPM Suite, etc.). 
    You will get the necessary foundation to quickly build any type of application, now or in the future.

  • GeneXus 17 Advanced course

    To expand and deepen the GeneXus logic in order to achieve an optimum use and proficiency for the platform in building digital apps with minimized efforts, regardless of their complexity. 

  • Security on GeneXus Web Applications

    You will learn about the main security risks that exist today. In addition, you will learn techniques for the detection, validation, and mitigation of potential risks of applications, which will allow you to develop secure Web applications with GeneXus.

GeneXus for Mobile

GeneXus BPM Suite

  • GeneXus BPM Suite

    Provides the knowledge necessary for developing applications based on BPM and Workflow. Focused on business process modeling and the use of the API of Workflow engine, as well as the GXflow client for task management.

  • Process Modeling with BPM Suite

    Knowledge necessary for business process graphic modeling based on the BPMN standard, using the GeneXus IDE and GeneXus Business Process Modeler.

GeneXus for SAP

  • GeneXus for SAP® Systems course

    This course represents an introduction to the specialized version of GeneXus for working on SAP Cloud Platform, with the possibility of building applications in connection with SAP systems.  


  • DevOps with GeneXus

    The industry requires that the delivery of software be carried out in an agile and continuous manner. We believe that in order to achieve this goal we have to have a DevOps culture in our organizations. In this video we share some ideas on how to achieve a DevOps culture with GeneXus.
    We will also present key aspects from DevOps to take into account and how the adoption of GeneXus 17 can help to achieve it.

GeneXus Query

  • GXquery course

    With these videos you will be able to learn about the potential of GXquery and may start creating your own queries using the GeneXus Query web console.

GeneXus Server

  • GeneXus Server course

    It provides an overview of the concepts and operations to be performed to publish a KB on the server, synchronize, send and receive changes, manage versions, security, etc.


  • GXtest course

    Training in the use of GXtest version 4.0  in order to allow for an easy and cost-effective automation of functional tests on Web systems developed with GeneXus, thus making test artifacts easier to use and above all, easier to maintain.