Version: GeneXus 16

Introduction to GeneXus for GeneXus for mobile Course

Rules definition

There is a place in each transaction to specify rules to be triggered when the user interacts with the screen  (to insert, modify or delete information).

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We see how to ensure that, in the Customer transaction:
  • no record is mace of a customer with empty name, empty surname, or a date in the system later than today (Error rule)
  • a warning message is shown when the phone remains empty (Msg rule)
  • the day’s data is automatically assigned to a Date attribute (Default rule)
  • the edition of an attribute is disabled (Noaccept rule)
We also see how to condition the triggering of a rule. Specifically, in relation to the operation that is to be carried out: Insert, Update or Delete.
We show what variables are and what they are used for, and how we define variables in objects, as well as their main difference compared to attributes.