Version: GeneXus 16

Introduction to GeneXus for GeneXus for mobile Course

Loading Compound Data Types (SDT) using Data Providers

Introduction of the Data Provider object by means of an example, and with the purpose of loading and returning a compound structure (both simple and collection) to do something with it, such as printing it.    

SDT collection: a ranking is countries is to be implemented according to the number of tourist attractions. To do this, a structure is required in memory to temporarily store a collection of items (with the info of each country and the number of attractions in it). The Sort method of an SDT collection is shown to order it. And the For item in Collection command is presented to go over the items in a collection. 
The Data Provider object is presented, with its Output and Collection properties, and its similarity with a For each when it comes to indicating base transaction to navigate a table in the database, and the Where clause to filter the information.  
It is especially recommended to view the video ""Final Overview"" for this course, where some of the aspects stated are questioned, and will be included in upcoming videos for organizational reasons.

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