Version: GeneXus 16

Introduction to GeneXus for GeneXus for mobile Course

How to update data using transaction logic without screen

To carry out the same Insert, Update and Delete operations that a transaction performs, including gall the controls it performs, but with no screen and by code from any object, we introduce the Business Component concept.    

With an example where we create a new category called “Tourist Site” and change the category of all the transactions that were “Monument” in Beijing to the new category, we introduce the business component as a data type created as mirror of the transaction, and usable through variables and their Save(), Load(), Delete() methods, as well as Insert(), Update(), InsertorUpdate(), Success(), in any object. A comparison is made of the update through the transaction against the update through the business component. An explication is made regarding the need to use the Commit command.

We suggest to follow up with the video “Data Population using Business Components and Data Providers

Click here for a PDF transcript of the video.