Version: GeneXus 16

Introduction to GeneXus for GeneXus for mobile Course

Introduction to For Each command to access the database

We introduce the Procedure object, with one of its multiple uses: implementing PDF listings displayed on the browser. We study two of the main commands for that: the print and the for each, which enables access to an entity’s data.

We focus on the Layout and Source chapters of a procedure for listing tourist attractions. We introduce the printblock control and see how to define the output design. We also see how to include images in the KB for them to be used in objects. We start the study of the For each command, which is basic in GeneXus. We introduce the base transaction of the For each, as well as the Order and Where clauses. We analyze the Navigation Listing.  

We strongly recommend that the ""Final Overview"" video be viewed, where we question some of the statements that will be considered in upcoming videos. 

This video also includes rule output_file, Call Protocol HTTP.

Click here for a PDF transcript of the video.