Version: from GeneXus 17 to GeneXus 18

Update to GeneXus

Automating DevOps with GeneXus 18

Both the world and technology are changing, and the systems we build are becoming more and more critical. In most cases, they have evolved from simply being a business tool to being the core of the business. Therefore, there is a great challenge: to build systems that meet the requirements of today's world and keep them running and evolving despite the constant changes that are taking place. 

This requires more sophisticated tools, increasingly multidisciplinary teams, and automated processes. DevOps process automation has become a great competitive advantage in the industry, and GeneXus provides features that will allow you to take your DevOps culture to the next level. Watch this video to learn and understand how these tools work.

Total length of videos: 4h 30m



Know the new features present in GeneXus 18 from its previous version GeneXus 17.

Previous requirements
Be updated to the GeneXus 17 version.

Approximate duration
4 hours 30 minutes

Bonus Material

To be able to do the course well, including the Practice exercises, download the Trial version of GeneXus.
GeneXus Trial     Guide: ”Installation and first run of GeneXus Trial”  
Guide: ”Installing and first running the Android SDK"