Version: from 15 to version 16

Update to GeneXus

Enhancements in GAM

A detail is provided with all the enhancements included from GeneXus 15 through GeneXus 16.

Mention is made of: subscription to events, menus of the web app defined dynamically on the basis of roles and permits, authentication against providers with Oauth 2.0, with permission for more than one authentication method of the same type for the same repository; from an SD app, passing –by parameter– the repository on which logging is desired; the possibility of calling Rest services in an environment with more than one repository (multi-company architecture) with the repository included as parameter; in Single Sign On scenarios, all clients connected to the same GAM DB (impersonate); anonymous user with same info upon registering onto Facebook, Twitter, Google, GAM Remote and Oauth 2.0; with the added possibility of impersonating with these types of authentication; GAM Deploy tool for Linux environments. 



The videos presented here are an introduction to the main topics of version 16 that make it different from the previously released version. They include the filming of the first course imparted following the GX Event where the version was released (September 2018).

The material is not totally comprehensive but rather an outline of the main aspects of the course. Different topics are considered in greater or lesser extent. To see each topic in detail, you may access our wiki through the contents table GeneXus 16 Release Notes.

  • Due to subsequent upgrades that are released over time, you may find differences between what is shown in the videos and the current upgrade. 
  • To help you quickly access the most important features of each upgrade, a spreadsheet with useful links is provided so that you don't miss out on what happened in GeneXus after the videos were created. 

The "Material" section includes the instructions of all practice exercises related to this course, to allow practice with some of the main topics involved. Additionally, there is an indication as to which practice should be done in the corresponding location of the videos menu.

More information

Becoming familiar with the main features of version GeneXus 16 that make it different from the released version of GeneXus 15. It thus includes the new aspects resulting from upgrades 1 through 12 of GeneXus 15, as well as all new aspects included from GeneXus 15 u12 and version 16 as well. A list has been added with information about the new features in the released upgrades of version 16.

Oriented at:  
Those who seek a broad idea about what’s new in this version as compared to the previous version, with the possibility of learning how to put to practice the most significant new features.  

To be up to date regarding GeneXus 15, in its released version (knowledge about the contents of upgrades 1 through 12 is not a requirement). 

Modes: the course may be taken in person (in which case we recommend that you check the schedule and contact our academic partners in your country), or through the self-study method. 
You will see that self-study videos correspond to the first course imparted following the 2018 GeneXus Event where the version was released.  
  • Duration of videos (theory): 7 hours 
  • Duration of practice exercises: 2 hours (four practice sessions - 30 minutes each)

See here the course scope

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Bonus Material

To be able to do the course well, including the Practice exercises, download the Trial version of GeneXus.
GeneXus Trial     Guide: ”Installation and first run of GeneXus Trial”  
Guide: ”Installing and first running the Android SDK"