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GeneXus Server course

How to obtain information about the changes made to an object and who made each change.

We often need to know and have information about the changes undergone by an object, and about know who made each change. For instance, which team member did the Commit for a specific line, or the review of the last change, and the date when it took place. The Blame option enables us to obtain all such information.

Total length of videos: 1h 40m


These videos will introduce you to the functionalities and advantages of using GeneXus Server.
You will gain the necessary knowledge to integrate the use of GeneXus Server as part of the work methodology when developing applications with GeneXus.

Basic knowledge of GeneXus is recommended.
Approximate duration
The videos last approximately: 1h 40 minutes
Bonus Material
You can download the Trial version of GeneXus for free from here:
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Also, you can access to the public version of GeneXus Server provided by GeneXus:

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