GeneXus Enterprise AI Course

Introduction to the course

Before starting the course, we will discuss some key concepts for understanding what GeneXus Enterprise AI is and how to work with it.

Total length of videos: 2h


Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on the autonomous generation of text, image, audio, and video content. The models used for this have been pre-trained with large volumes of data so that they can adapt to many tasks with the "knowledge" they acquired in their training stage.
Some of the advanced algorithms and techniques most commonly used by this approach are Generative Language Models (LLM).
GeneXus has Integrated these technological advances by introducing two platforms:
GeneXus Enterprise AI is an enterprise platform designed to facilitate the implementation of artificial intelligence assistants adapted to different needs. It is possible to create artificial intelligence assistants that can integrate and interact with operations, processes, systems and documents, thus increasing productivity.
This platform acts as a middleware, connecting enterprise applications with LLMs while providing a variety of tools and features to drive productivity and innovation.


This course is designed for people with a technical profile (not necessarily GeneXus developers). Attendees must have basic knowledge of Prompt Engineering and the use of REST APIs and Postman to test the different APIs and integrate them into the developments.

Suggested methodology for the course
Watch each video and try to reproduce the examples developed there. To do this, you must have an authorized user to access GeneXus Enterprise AI.
To request it you can go to

Approximate duration: 8 hours.

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