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GeneXus BPM Suite course
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Relevant data modification, timer event and calendars

Relevant data is modified from a webpanel using the workflow API, different temporization patterns that can be implemented with the timer event are analyzed, and it is shown how to create a customized calendar to be associated with a process.

Total length of videos: 4h

As opposed to the case of procedures, in webpanels, mapping values between relevant data and the variables present in the Parm rule is valid only for input variables. That makes it necessary to use the workflow API to modify relevant data.  A study is made of the properties of the intermediate event of the timer type and of the various temporization patterns such as delays, warning or deadlines, which may be implemented by varying the properties. And it is shown how to create calendars, how to customize them, and how to associate them to a process.



Welcome to the online GeneXus BPM Suite course!

With these videos you will learn how to model business processes using the GeneXus Business Process Modeler (GXBPM), to then associate the model’s elements with GeneXus objects by using GeneXus, in order to make the model into a functional application. And lastly, we will execute the application and monitor its functioning using the client GXflow.
It is our recommendation that you replicate the examples shown in the videos. For the videos of the chapter Modeling the Business Process you will need to use the GXBPM, available for downloading here.  For the following stages of the course you will need to install GeneXus, available for downloading here. The GXflow client will be automatically installed with the installation of GeneXus.

In addition to replicating the examples, you have available a document with practice exercises. These practical exercises will allow you to extend practical knowledge, experimenting with other exercises.

The time necessary for watching all videos corresponding to this course is approximately 3 hours. The unit duration for each video is detailed here.

And lastly, for all those interested, in the page corresponding to each video is a document with the corresponding script.

We would like you to make the most of this training!

More information

Learn the concepts necessary to model and execute business processes using the GeneXus suite for BPM.

The Business Process Modeler is applied throughout the course to model processes as per the BPMN standard, to then apply GeneXus in associating the model’s elements with GeneXus objects to make the model a functional application. The application is then executed and its operation is monitored through the GXflow client.

The workflow data types will be presented, which allow communicating with the workflow engine to carry out different activities, for example creating a process instance, executing a workitem, modifying the relevant data of a workflow instance among other functionalities. We will also see the GXflow custom client which allows us to customize the entire GXflow client.
Oriented at: 
Mainly Project Leaders, Developers and IT Managers.
knowledge acquired at the GeneXus Core Course (GeneXus Junior Analyst level).
The duration of videos corresponding to the theory course is approximately 4 hours.
The practice section implies a maximum of 3 hours..
  • Introduction to process modeling according to BPMN standard
  • Model automation to transform it into a functional application
  • Tasks with multiple instances
  • Use of relevant data
  • Definition of reminders and calendars
  • Execution and monitoring interface
  • Use of documents
  • Workflow data types
  • Organizational Units
  • Definition of users and roles
  • Prototyping and production cycles
  • Statistics relative to processes, tasks and work teams
  • Executing a BPM on a mobile application
  • Data entry with dynamic forms
  • Independent Data Store for Workflow tables
  • Transactional Subprocesses
  • Deployment Process
  • GXflow client integration and customization
  • GeneXus BPM with GAM

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