Version: from 16 to version 17

Update to GeneXus

How to make Geo Reports

Today, it is increasingly frequent to have data associated with geographic entities, such as countries, cities, states or departments. GeneXus offers the possibility of representing this data in interactive maps, which can be used to compare values ​​and show categories in different geographic regions. This would allow you to better analyze the information and therefore make better decisions. Discover everything new about reporting in this video.

Total length of videos: 7.5h

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Know the new features present in GeneXus 17 from its previous version GeneXus 16.

Previous requirements
Be updated to the GeneXus 16 version.

Approximate duration
7 hours 30 minutes

Bonus Material

To be able to do the course well, including the Practice exercises, download the Trial version of GeneXus.
GeneXus Trial     Guide: ”Installation and first run of GeneXus Trial”  
Guide: ”Installing and first running the Android SDK"