Version: from 16 to version 17

Update to GeneXus

Native Mobile with GeneXus 17

In this video we will see how to easily create a native application with GeneXus 17, generating for both the Apple and Android platforms. We will integrate in a few steps to the development of the application the inputs of the design team, a data model and common functionalities that we are used to using on our devices, such as maps, phone calls, integration with social networks, etc.

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The video shows only a small part of the endless possibilities that we have in GeneXus 17 for the development of native applications.

If you want to delve into the subject, a good idea is to browse the documentation on the Community Wiki starting with Native Mobile Applications Development or also access the online course GeneXus for Mobile.

You can also access the Knowledge Base used in the video demonstration in the GeneXus Server de Samples.