Save the date: we'll be presenting the future of Enterprise Low-Code Development: GeneXus 17.

Version: from 16 to version 17

Update to GeneXus

How to take a GeneXus Application to production?

The deployment is the final milestone of delivering software. Today, organizations seek to respond quickly to changes that arise, and to be able to innovate in a timely manner in the face of emerging needs. Therefore, the deployment must be agile and with a minimum of risks to be able to quickly deliver solutions to clients and scale to a greater number of users with minimal effort.

Along these lines, GeneXus allows us to carry out an automated deployment (which favors Continuous delivery), both to on-premises servers, as well as to a PAAS. We will see what GeneXus offers for the packaging and delivery of the application, and how it is possible to automate the process.