Version: GeneXus 18

GAM Advanced course

Deployment with GAM

Description and best practices regarding the transition between environments and upgrades, common issues, and a more advanced use of the GAM Deploy Tool.


To learn more about the use and functionalities offered by the GeneXus Access Manager (GAM) for developing solutions with GeneXus.

Designed for:
People working with GeneXus, from analysts, developers and testers to project managers who want to expand their knowledge about the security of GeneXus applications with GAM.

To have the knowledge provided in the videos of the GAM Introduction Course.

Suggested methodology for this course
The course has a theoretical-practical approach. It is recommended to watch all the videos and do the corresponding challenges as they are completed.
Note: There is no challenge (practical exercise) for topic 5 - Deployment.

Approximate duration
Theory/Practice: 3 hours.

The exam will be taken on a computer, with multiple choice and true/false questions and exercises.

Nicolás Adrién 
GeneXus Software Security Consultant
  • Authorization
  • Menus
  • API
  • Events
  • Deployment
  • Mobile Applications


The instructions for the practical exercises and the necessary resources to do them are available for download at the following links:

Practice exercises (pdf): containing the challenges designed for the course.
Resources (xpz): containing the resources specified in the instructions of the challenges.

Bonus Material

To be able to do the course well, including the Practice exercises, download the Trial version of GeneXus.
GeneXus Trial     Guide: ”Installation and first run of GeneXus Trial”