Version: GeneXus 17

GeneXus for Mobile course

Controls: SD Maps, Rating, SD Smart Grids, Switch

This video includes a study on how to implement different types of controls for attributes or variables, such as the Rating control type and the Switch control type. It also shows some special control types for Grids like SD Maps and SD Smart Grids.

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The study focuses on how to develop mobile applications for Android and Apple with GeneXus, in versions capable of functioning with or without connectivity.  

Instructions are provided on how to follow the platforms’ guidelines, including the conceptual model underlying the applications, their architecture, the UI (User Interface) design, and the ways to achieve a satisfactory UX (User Experience). Additionally, the course includes methods for programming behavior, prototyping and startup and how to add security.  

The course shows the development of an Android simplified app by way of example, considering this simpler prototyping in the absence of a Mac. However, concepts are analogous for Apple, and the course includes mention to specificities for each platform when applicable. 

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After completing this course, you will be able to develop a functionally complete mobile application.

In this course, the main theoretical foundations of this type of application will be acquired and the main features and tools that GeneXus offers us will be studied so that you can start developing applications for mobile devices.
Designed for
For those who want to start developing Native Mobile applications with GeneXus and do not have previous experience in developing this type of application.

Have the knowledge provided in the GeneXus Core Course.
Modes: You may choose between the in-person course (in which case we suggest contact our academic partners in your country) and the self-study course. 
Approximate duration: 36h theoretical/practical.

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Simple exercises that will enable you to test several concepts relative to the version of GeneXus 17 for mobile smart devices. 

The practice material consists of a simplified version of the EventDay application which is the study subject in the videos. 

Bonus Material

To take the course and work on the exercises you need the trial version of GeneXus.
GeneXus Trial     Guide: ”Installation and first run of GeneXus Trial”  
Guide: ”Installing and first running the Android SDK"  

KB solution of practical exercises:
Name: GeneXus16SDDevelopmentCoursePracticalExercises  

The trial version of GeneXus will automatically install, among other things, the Android SDK. If you already have a full version of GeneXus you will have to install it manually. Additionally, we suggest that you use the SDK emulator to benefit from the advantages of hardware acceleration in your computer. Learn more about this topic by accessing this wiki link
When using the emulator, make sure that it is open before the first Run. You don’t need to close it and open it every time, just leave it open while you prototype.