Takeaways 2019

Testing and Deployment in GeneXus 16. Continuous integration.

Creating and running unit and interface tests both from the IDE and integrated into a Jenkins schema. Object deployment, Deployment Tool, and MSBuild tasks.

You’ll see how to create and run unit and interface tests (of web and SD components) from GeneXus. Also, you’ll see a description of the Deployment Unit Object, the Deployment Tool (to specify where you will deploy and how) and MS Build tasks to automate actions and integrate into Jenkins.

See here how to create a unit test and add a task using the Jenkins plagin for GeneXus.
See here how to deploy the application using the Jenkins plagin for GeneXus.



This material corresponds to the course taught after the GeneXus event in September 2019 (version released at the time of the course: GeneXus 16 upgrade 5).
Its content was developed based on the participants’ interests. That’s why it was called "Miscellaneous Topics."
Not all the topics included a practice section, so for those that did, at the end of the topics’ video a document with the instructions for that practice exercise is attached.