GeneXus for SAP® Systems course

Running the application for the first time

To test our web transaction, we see how to request that GeneXus build the app and execute it. To do it, we enter some customers.

GeneXus will create tables in our SAP Hana database in the SAP Cloud Platform, and will create and install the programs in a local Tomcat, opening a “Developer Menu” in the browser.

Click here for a PDF transcript of the video.

We must create a database in SAP Cloud Platform, open a tunnel and use the connection data that we define. We must then copy the driver provided by SAP Hana to the correct location to get connected to the database. This is part of what the video includes. Further ahead, we see how to obtain a non-local testing environment to fully execute on SAP Cloud Platform.

Also in this video, we see the execution of “Developer Menu”, as well as the concept of prototyping, the Preferences window, use of the F5 key, the automatic creation of Selection List and its use in runtime, and Impact Analysis report.



This course represents an introduction to the specialized version of GeneXus for working on SAP Cloud Platform, with the possibility of building applications in connection with SAP systems.  

GeneXus for SAP Systems will enable you to create responsive web applications and native mobile applications for iOS and Android, along the guidelines of Fiori design. It also offers the possibility to create and maintain databases on SAP HANA database and perform the automatic deploy of the applications generated to the SAP Cloud Platform. Additionally, it has a SAP-certified connector for integration with SAP ERP to build applications for expanding or supplementing it. 

The course will introduce you to how you may work with GeneXus to build responsive web applications using the SAP HANA database, how to build mobile applications, how to become integrated to the SAP ERP, and how to deploy what you create to the SAP Cloud Platform. Each video includes references to the full version of the GeneXus course that provides an in-depth knowledge of the concepts included in the introductory course.