GeneXus ERP Connector for SAP

Introduction to the development of mobile applications connected to SAP ERP with GeneXus

Presentation of GeneXus as a software development tool, and the way in which it allows developing mobile applications that take their data from a SAP ERP installation, with the possibility to change them. A brief description of the underlying architecture is provided. In addition, the demo included in the following videos is presented.  

Read the video script here.



The videos included in this short course guide you through the development of a mobile application with GeneXus. Instead of using its own database, this application connects to a SAP ERP installation both to retrieve and to change data. To this end, GeneXus has incorporated the GeneXus ERP Connector, which will allow you to explore and use the BAPIs provided by the ERP. 
This video is aimed at people who are already familiar with SAP ERP and want to learn how to expand its functionality with small GeneXus developments. More specifically, these videos show how to develop a smart device application, but the same could have been implemented for a web application.
Note: This course was filmed with GeneXus Evolution 3, but is still valid for versions 15 and 16 of GeneXus.