Version: GeneXus 16

GXtest course

GXtest Recorder Chrome Extension

After watching this video you will understand what “record and playback” is and why is so important to use a  Recorder for speeding-up test case automation tasks. We will show the most important sections and functions of GXtest Recorder’s User Interface.


Course information

The objective of this course is to give GeneXus developers the ability to test their code often using code in the IDE and to achieve Continuous Integration in GeneXus. On the other hand, it offers testers an introduction to how to automate functional tests using GXtest Recorder.
Who can take the course
It is recommended to all GeneXus Developer’s team plus testers / quality engineers that wants to automate business flows to run regression tests.

Unit Testing: How-to create and run test that are coded by developers and run fast.
Continuous Integration: CI using Jenkins
UI Test Automation: To create and run different test case scenarios that cares.
Course language: English

You need basic understanding of GeneXus IDE and the GeneXus Procedure object. Basic genexus development skills are required to create and maintain test cases. IF you don’t have any understanding of a GeneXus procedure, then you will be able to do the course, work with data, test case flows and test case reports, but for a real project you will need a developer assistance.

Having a GeneXus IDE to try the tool while doing the course is very helpful to better understanding.  
The course lasts 8 hours. 

No exam. No certificate. This course is currently offered to GXtest v4 customers only.  For more information contact