Version: GeneXus 18

Backend Development

Innovating in the API Economy with GeneXus

The pace of innovation is increasingly accelerated and through the use of several APIs, we achieved integrating ourselves with different services to create new business models. We invite you to discover the different options that GeneXus offers to create disruptive applications immersed in the era of the API Economy.


Even though GeneXus allows us to generate End-to-End applications—that is to say, it generates the front end, the back end, and the database—the implementation of increasingly complex digital systems makes it necessary for developers to know and specialize in the different parts that make up the systems. 
Back-end developers work on the implementation of objects that contain the logic of an application running on the server, as well as data storage, development of interfaces to interact with the application (APIs), integration with other systems through web services, invocation of remote procedures (RPC), import of binaries, structured data (JSON or XML) and other resources, architecture and development of components that consume and publish services (such as SOA or microservices implementation), interaction with data from different databases or repositories, and other server-side functions.