Versions: GeneXus 17, GeneXus 18

GeneXus Proficiency course

How to Access External Data. Introduction

Many times it is necessary to access data that are not stored in the database of our application. Here is an introduction to the possible methods that will be developed in the following videos.

Total length of videos: 9h 30m


Expand the knowledge learned in the course


To complete the third stage (after the Core and Advanced courses) of learning the logic of
GeneXus, in order to reach the GeneXus Senior Analyst level for joining development teams
that require high levels of quality and expertise.

Having the skills taught in the GeneXus Core and GeneXus Advanced courses, which include
the expertise gained in the workshop and practice exercises.

Course content
It consists of:

● Videos that are considered essential to the course
● Additional videos that provide more details

Several videos (those focusing on logic) complement, synthesize, or integrate topics seen in the
two previous courses, especially in the Advanced course. Therefore, if you do not remember
them, it is recommended to pause the video you are watching, replay those other videos, and
then return to it. Each video indicates what you should have watched before.
Other videos go into topics that are not about logic, but are still important when developing
complex applications (such as the use of web services, for example).
There are also some videos that only introduce new technologies or useful topics for
Most videos were recorded with GeneXus 17, but they are still valid for GeneXus 18 (if there are
any differences between versions, they are indicated in the video).
This course does not include practice exercises, and is for self-study purposes, so it does not
have a forum or live online classes, but you will be able to take an exam.

Duration of the videos
9 hours and 30 minutes (not including the additional videos).

Exam and certification
The exam consists of a small set of questions on the most important topics regarding the logic
of GeneXus, which comprise the knowledge gained in the three courses (Core, Advanced, and
If you pass the exam and are certified as a “GeneXus Analyst,” you will automatically receive
the “GeneXus Senior Analyst” certification.

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