Versions: GeneXus 17, GeneXus 18

Automated DevOps course

How to automate processes to improve the application development cycle.

Today's world requires software development to be agile and continuous. For this, a set of practices is proposed within which it is possible to integrate automatic coding, construction and testing tasks into the processes. As of GeneXus 17, it is possible to create and monitor Continuous Integration processes both from the GeneXus IDE and from the GeneXus Server web console. Here we will see how to work with Continuous Integration pipelines, and how to adapt them to different environments.

Total length of videos: 2h 30m



There is currently a need for software development to be agile and continuous. Why? Because the world and businesses are constantly changing and growing, and therefore we need application development to keep up with this rate of change and growth. The software development life cycle must be rapid and must allow for continuous, high-quality delivery.

Through a set of videos we explain the concept of DevOps culture with GeneXus, continuous integration and testing with GeneXus.
Previous requirements
It is recommended to have basic knowledge of GeneXus, GeneXus Server and Testing