Version: GeneXus 18


Continuous Integration with GeneXus and GeneXus Server

Continuous Integration is one of the most important practices within the DevOps process. It ensures that the code that developers write integrates, compiles and works correctly. This allows us to increase the speed of software delivery and guarantee the changes made. In this video you will see the GeneXus 17 functionalities that allow you to easily model Continuous Integration processes from GeneXus and GeneXus Server


The deployment of an application in production, is to take the application we developed on our machine and run it in the production environment—that is, in the cloud or on the computer of the end customer for whom we are creating the system.

This deployment involves copying the compiled files and other important files such as libraries, images, and other resources, depending on the type of application we are developing and the chosen generator, from the development machine to the client infrastructure that will be used as a server.

It will also be necessary to create the database on the corresponding server and ensure access to all the necessary external resources with the required user permissions in each case.

Therefore, the deployment process is an important part of application development and is one of the stages of the DevOps process.