Tutorial: How to model and use a Design System in GeneXus

How to model: GeneXus specific properties for classes in DSO

Regarding the web application that has been analyzed, we stop at how we manage to indicate style for the controls against certain behaviors such as hover, through gx-properties.

We focus on how to indicate the style when the control has a link (property gx-attribute-link-class and gx-text-block-link-class) and when hovering over it (gx-attribute-hovered-class , gx-text-block-hovered-class).

KB del video: MyFirstDesignSystem en samples.genexusserver.com/v17



Get into the ways of modeling the Design System of your application in GeneXus. From videos and documentation you will be able to get a sufficiently clear idea of the ways in which GeneXus solves the design of the User Interface of your multiexperience application with low-code.

Then you can delve into each topic from our wiki.

It is not a course per se, but rather a thematic approach. So it is not practical. However, the language of the Design System object is presented at some level of detail.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of GeneXus for web development, Angular web, and/or mobile native in terms of frontend.

Aimed at: GeneXus developers who are looking for an approach to frontend development in GeneXus, particularly design.