• First Steps with


    Create your first app without knowing how to code.
This paper shows a step-by-step approach to learning GeneXus, and it covers the following subjects
Create your first application with a Low-Code tool, GeneXus

Creating a new attribute and reorganizing the DB

Getting started

Discover the low-code development platform that enables the quick generation of software applications for multiple languages, databases and platforms.

Define y Genera

GeneXus offers the easiest and fastest way to make applications without knowing how to code. It’s easy to learn, highly productive, cross-platform, agile, and future-proof.

Emplea patrones

Applying a pattern is really easy, and as soon as you do it, GeneXus creates objects, codes and settings to provide interesting behaviors without the need for us to program them.

Obtén aplicaciones multiplataforma para web y móviles

You will be amazed by how quickly you can obtain running web, mobile and multiplatform applications!