Update to GeneXus from version 9.0 a Evolution 3

Overview of the GeneXus Update Course (from 9.0 to Evolution 3)

Version X is radically different from previous versions of GeneXus. It has introduced major changes such as a new integrated development environment and a new prototyping method (design, prototype and production models will no longer be used).
A course with videos to update from version 9.0 to version X Evolution 3 is not available yet; for this reason, we suggest taking the “GeneXus Update course (from 9.0 to X Evolution 1)” first and then the “GeneXus Update course (from Evolution 1 to Evolution 3)”.
However, there is a classroom course available to directly upgrade from version 9.0 to version X Evolution 3, and the corresponding materials can be downloaded here. They include the PDF files corresponding to the PowerPoint slides and the entire practice material. 
In teaching terms, the videos of the update course from version 9.0 to X Evolution 1 are very different than later videos because they were created using a more theoretical, static approach, with the purpose of studying each topic in detail. Feel free to watch them all or only those parts that interest you.


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The change from GeneXus version 9 to version X has represented a true revolution. In this context, subsequent evolutions of version X have included features that have become essential for web applications, such as the automatic adaptation to different screen sizes and resolutions, as well as an excellent user experience thanks to the applications' smooth response to user interaction. KB management has evolved significantly, as well as the prototyping and deployment processes. In addition, the Smart Device generator has been incorporated to develop mobile applications for smart devices. 
The objective of this course is to enable you to migrate to the world of GeneXus X, while at the same time upgrading to the third evolution. 
Designed for:  
Application developers who use GeneXus 9.0 and want to enter the world of GeneXus X in Evolution 3.
Those who want to get started with mobile application development for Smart Devices.
Course Requirements:   
Candidates must hold a GeneXus 9.0 certification.
You can choose between the classroom course (in this case, we recommend contacting our academic partners in your country) or the self-study course. 
  •  Classroom course duration: 20 hours approx. (theory + practice)
  • Self-study course duration:
    • A course to update directly from version 9.0 to version X Evolution 3 is not available yet; for this reason, it is done in two steps: from version 9.0 to version X Evolution 1, and from X Evolution 1 to X Evolution 3. 
    •  From 9.0 to X Ev1: videos (approx. 10 hours) + practice 
    •  From X Ev1 to X Ev3: videos + practice tutorials
  • KB conversion
  • New IDE
  • Build Process and reorganization
  • Environments
  • Documentation and KB information.
  • History, differences and objects references
  • Modules
  • Deploy to cloud
  • Global and local formulas
  • Data types and domains
  • Patterns
  • Base transaction
  • Unique clause
  • SDT, Data Providers
  • User controls
  • Increase web interactivity and new grid functionalities
  • Smooth user experience
  • Data Selectors
  • Query object
  • KB versioning
  • Responsive apps
  • Transitions
  • GAM (security: GeneXus Access Manager)
  • External objects
  • Smart Devices

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