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GeneXus 15 course

Provide the key theoretical concepts behind GeneXus and skills to apply them in practice, in order to make the best use of  the program. 

Who can take the course:
Those who want to start developing applications with GeneXus.  

Course requirements:
Trainees who don’t have prior programming skills are recommended to read this material before starting the course. 

Online Training:
  1. The training will be done in 3 weeks during which the trainee will watch GeneXus training videos (ANALYST level). In parallel, the trainee will do the Practical work (hands-on). They can take the class anytime, anywhere but need to complete in 3 weeks.
    • The questions or doubts the trainee has during these 3 weeks are sent to the forum (forum of trainees and teachers).
    • If necessary (on demand), the instructor will schedule an online class with all the trainees in the course, or chat with the trainee who requires it. This will be arranged on an as-needed basis.  
  2. There is also a 1 week Workshop: the trainees have to develop the corresponding application to a reality proposed by GeneXus. This development is part of the training and it takes them no more than 16 hours to develop this application.
    • Again, the challenges, questions, doubts they have while developing the application at the workshop are sent to the forum.
    • In addition, the trainer must see the progress of this development, for which it will be connected remotely to the trainee's machine (a maximum of 3 instances per trainee during workshop's scheduled period).
  3. After completing these steps the trainee can take the Exam (remote test).
GeneXus license:
Both the Course Practitioner and the Workshop should do so with their GeneXus .Net generator (.Net, not Java) + Android license. Those taking the training who do not have GeneXus licenses must install the "GeneXus 15 Trial version".
Trainees also should check GeneXus is installed correctly following these instructions.
Start date: 01/14/2019
Videos and Practical: 01/14 - 02/01
Workshop: 02/04 - 02/08
Exam: 02/15

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