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What are Subtypes?

Introduction of the concept of subtype to enable the use of an existing attribute with a change of name, and a usage example where from a flights transaction we must record the departure airport and the arrival airport.

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Introduction of the concepts of: group of subtypes, subtype and supratype, consistency controls (referential integrity) and selection lists, table diagrams, attribute describing a transaction and Contextual Title property of an attribute. The case of usage studied in the multiple reference of a transaction to another. Other usage cases not studied are also presented.
New entities added to the project
Creation of a transaction
Business Components
First transaction design
Working with attributes and domains
Identifying availabe attributes
Relations between entities from reality
Defining more transactions
What are the subtypes?
Another example of database update using transactions without form
Two level transaction used as Business Component, and error management
First transaction design
First transaction design - PDF
Working with attributes and domains
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