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Using patterns

On GeneXus objects defined in the KB such as transactions, we may apply some patterns that build other objectos on them to add functionalities, like those provided for by the pattern Work with the data of a trasaction. 

The Work With for Web pattern is applied to the Country and Attraction transactions. The consequences are shown in runtimr, through the objects that the pattern itself generates for implementing appealing screens that enable us to show, on a grid, the country and attraction data. We see how to customize what is generated: deleting/adding attributes to the grid, adding filters and orders, how to enable or disable standard actions on data (insert, update, delete). We study the dynamism between transaction structure, pattern instance and objects generated. We see how to dis-apply a pattern. 

Click here for a PDF transcript of the video.
Adding screen format
Demo: 7. We view our billing application which was formatted to make it more attractive
More about Patterns
Interactive screens: variables in grid and actions in the Work With pattern
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