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Rules definition

There is a place in each transaction to specify rules to be triggered when the user interacts with the screen  (to insert, modify or delete information).

We see how to ensure that, in the Customer transaction:
  • no record is mace of a customer with empty name, empty surname, or a date in the system later than today (Error rule)
  • a warning message is shown when the phone remains empty (Msg rule)
  • the day’s data is automatically assigned to a Date attribute (Default rule)
  • the edition of an attribute is disabled (Noaccept rule)
We also see how to condition the triggering of a rule. Specifically, in relation to the operation that is to be carried out: Insert, Update or Delete.
We show what variables are and what they are used for, and how we define variables in objects, as well as their main difference compared to attributes.

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