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More on order of execution for rules in transactions

Assessment tree of rules and formulas in a two-level transaction. We also review how to do the assessment and the saving of each header and each of the lines and when it is the turn for the Commit. We study all events on which a rule may be conditioned.
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In the “More on order of execution for rules in transactions” video we studied the triggering moment or event AfterLevel, and introduced the AfterComplete, the BeforeInsert  and the AfterInsert. Here we will see more complex examples and study all triggering instances.
Executing the first project
Declaration of rules
Business Components
Rules definition
Rules in Transactions - More Knowledge
Rules definition
Another example of database update using transactions without form
More about order of execution in transaction rules
Two level transaction used as Business Component, and error management
Rules definition
Moments for rule triggering in transactions
How to update data using transaction logic without screen
More rules for defining behaviors
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