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Interactive screens: Web Panel object (cont)

What happens when an action at the grid lines level modifies the value of an element on the line? We will conceptualize everything that was seen in relation to web panel with a grid with base table, and we will study web panel with attributes but without grid, and the case of web panels without base table. We will see the responsive web design and when it becomes necessary to hide a grid column.

Based on examples, we conceptualize all that relates to web panels. We will study the differences between web panel with and web panel without base table, based on the Start, Refresh and Load events. We will see an example of the difference between receiving a parameter in variable or in attribute. The end consists of mentioning cases of nested and parallel grids, and the types of web panels that exist (web page, web component, master page), as well as panels for Smart Devices.

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How to create a product image-gallery
Demo: 7. We view our billing application which was formatted to make it more attractive
Introduction to Web Panels
Programming a Web Panel’s Load Event
Filtering Data from a Web Panel’s Grid
Programming a Web Panel’s Refresh Event
Programming a Web Panel’s Start, Click or User Event
Web Panels with Multiple Grids
Data Selectors: Reusing definitions
Simple For each – base table and order clause
Simple For each – base table and where clause
Simple For each – base table and order clause
Controls: multiple layouts by row in a grid (update course)
Orders, filters and conditions of listed data
Base tables and navigation in Smart Devices objects
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