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Interactive screens: groups of actions and navigation bar (menu)

On top of the web form of a transaction or Web Panel we have the Action Bar where we may define groups of actions that may be inserted on the form, like an <ActionGroup> control. We may also indicate that a group of actions will be of the Menu type to implement a menu that is self-adjustable/collapsible, according to the screen size. We will see an example where we create a Master Page.
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New entities added to the project
How to create a product image-gallery
Demo: 7. We view our billing application which was formatted to make it more attractive
Master Pages
Web panels: Determining the base table
Themes and images
Controls: groups of actions, measurement units for widths and lengths, image scaling.
Controls: matrix grid control type
Controls: absolute positioning and transformations
Multiple layouts by object
Interactive screens: more on the Web Panel object
Extended controls
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