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Introduction to the course

A series of videos present the most important aspects of the Evolution 3 version that differ from the Evolution 1 version. The contents do not imply a thorough approach, but rather an abridgment of fundamental features. For further details on each subject, you can access our wiki.
The videos are classified in relation to broad areas of knowledge, and in all cases, you are expected to be already knowledgeable on the subject in Evolution 1 (except for newly introduced topics). 
For some topics, you have available some update videos from version Evolution 1 to version Evolution 2, followed by update videos from the Evolution 2 version to Evolution 3. 
In relation to mobile applications, you will find an introduction. For full training on this, go to "Course on mobile applictions with GeneXus". 
In the upper section entitled MATERIAL, we have included a "do it yourself", containing two practice exercises on the topics explained, in both mobile and web applicatoins. For the mobile option, you should only do the exercises relating to the topics reviewed here.